Consistent with community assistance and solidarity, the firm provides free legal advice to various non-profit entities, assisting them in their legal needs, thus contributing to improve the quality of life of our society, whether in the field of culture, research or social assistance.

Llona y Bustamante has a Pro-Bono program, whose objective is to provide free legal assistance to people of limited economic resources, and to various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which require such assistance in various circumstances of legal relevance and transcendence and which in turn can generate an impact on society.

We have assumed this commitment with the community, in order to extend our social activities and encourage the improvement of legal institutions in our country.

This program seeks to develop an attitude towards law that allows us to use it as a tool to consolidate the democratic system and its institutions, and to promote a commitment to social responsibility among lawyers, in accordance with the rules of the Code of Professional Ethics.

Our commitment to Pro-Bono cases, in accordance with our work values, means that the attention and effort we devote to them is no different from the dedication we give to our client’s cases.